CFO for hire: Facing tough business decisions or want to grow your business? CFO for hire lets you bring in a financial expert at a fraction of the cost. We analyze your business, make recommendations and help implement improvements.  

Controller for hire: Managing the day-to-day accounting functions of the organization such as payroll, tax compliance, and the general ledger. As well as year end preparation and dealing with external advisors.  

Tax: It is important to make sure you are correctly reporting and paying taxes. We take a proactive approach to help minimize taxes and future tax liabilities. We can prepare corporate and personal income tax returns and all accompanying schedules.

Financial Statements: We prepare notice to reader statements and management reports. We also help you in analyzing your statements so you have a clear picture of the financial performance of your business.

Bookkeeping: Organized financial records are the foundation for every business. We can help you set-up and administer an appropriate system, record the transactions, and help with an appropriate filing system.

Payroll: We can help make your life easier by handling your payroll needs. We can provide paystubs, produce T4 or ROE, and file all of your end-of-year documentation.

Special Projects: We have experience in a variety of areas and are always willing to help. Situations such as business planning, trend analysis, due diligence and process improvement are always more effective when a Financial Professional gets involved.

Combination of Services: If we work with you on a combination of services, then we will know your business better and work more efficiently, thereby reducing the cost to you. 

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